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3 Simple Steps to Grow Your Financial Coaching Client Base

Financial coaches build a coaching business by providing their clients with the right amount of support, encouragement and advice to help them make informed decisions with their financial assets.

It is a position based on trust and critical thinking skills that helps to propel your clients into financial success.

However, one of the first and most essential steps in becoming a prosperous financial coach is building a suitable and willing client base ready for success.

We have put together this helpful guide on building your client base as a part of our financial coaching platform, Savings Jar.

Step One -- Use the Digital Resources Available

The web has provided financial coaches with various online tools that can help them quickly and easily expand their client base. Whether you are seeking greater exposure for your services or trying to grow your brand into a recognized name industry-wide, the power of social media and other digital tools is critical when it comes to how you build a coaching business. Correctly utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn is one of the best ways to grow your client list, especially when you correctly use a precise target market strategy.

By making your skills and services clear on your social media accounts and posts, you can directly expose yourself to clients through various means. Make sure to join relevant Facebook groups, make great connections on LinkedIn, and follow and engage with sector representatives and potential clients on Twitter so that your name and brand becomes well associated in the financial coaching field. Develop a successful exposure strategy that demonstrates your client's success, the benefits of your services, and why you are unique in your field.

Regularly posting across various platforms provides your services with legitimization and recognition, helping build confidence in you for potential clients.

Once you have built your brand online, you can take advantage of a well-known reputation and use social media advertising tools to develop your client base further.

Step Two -- Promote Yourself Within the Community

Self-promotion can be difficult for many, the desire to show confidence without appearing arrogant often stops many from self-promotion.

However, being unafraid to show off your success is a great way to instill confidence in new customers and build your client base via word of mouth.

One of the best ways to self-promote within your sector is by getting involved within industry organizations and media.

  • Try writing for a financial advisory magazine and having your work published, target publications your clients will likely read.

  • Join professional organizations to meet other like-minded financial coaches.

  • Host or sponsor charity events to build your brand name and become associated as community-centered.

  • Set up a stand at relevant conventions or industry conferences.

The more you make your name known within your industry, the more clients you will attract through word of mouth.

clients' research found that successful financial advisors receive more than 70% of new client referrals from existing clients or other advocate sources.

Establishing a well-regarded name is crucial to help build a coaching business, especially in an area that requires so much trust and credibility.

Referral relationships are one of the best ways to build your client base during financial coaching training.

Step Three -- Grow and Maintain Your Industry Relationships

Having now developed your brand name online and used self-promotion to meet other like-minded professionals within your field, you can begin fostering a unique relationship with a referral partner. Build your relationships by reaching out to industry contacts regularly, finding out how their work is going, and offering help when you can. Write testimonials for each other, assist in projects, participate in their webinars and develop your association with key figures in your sector.

Well-developed relationships with other financial coaches will not only build your reputation but will also help you to grow a steady stream of referred ready to act clients.

By working with other financial coaches as referral contacts, you will begin every new client interaction with a pre-established level of trust that you can't find anywhere else.

Rather than hoping clients spontaneously stumble across your services through your website or portfolios, you can enjoy working together with an already pre-established level of trust created by an industry-appropriate referral.

By having an active relationship with key figures in your industry, you can be confident that should someone need financial coaching services, you will always be the first name suggested. Building a well-established reputation through proper social media strategizing, industry-specific self-promotion and critical contact communication is one of the most essential steps to create a coaching business successfully.

Are you looking for more support with your financial coaching and consultation business? If so, do make sure to head to our website for more in-depth blogs, whitepapers and guides- we’re constantly updating it with everything that a modern financial coach needs to thrive and succeed in the current climate.

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