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Creating Momentum and Cash Flow

[Guest post by David Gibbs]

My own personal journey to freedom from debt began a decade ago. I began on my own, trying to figure out how to accomplish what I wanted in life without hurting myself later by adding debt. I didn’t know a lot when I began but I knew enough to know that I needed to at least try and mitigate the damage. I took on some student debt and a car payment, I felt like I had to do these two things. I had been told my whole life that debt is just a way of life, and everyone must to have it to live. I had seen the pain in my immediate family’s eyes at first, but it melted away to a look of just giving up.

I knew that I did not want this for my life. I wanted to be different and change what was being forced upon me. I began to hate debt and what it had done in my life and family. I desperately began to look for something that could change my legacy and the legacy of my own family. A friend of mine began Financial Peace University and I borrowed it on CD from him. Yes, it all started back in the day of compact discs. I listened to the whole thing and that is when I started to make changes in my own life to achieve something different. I began writing a monthly budget and looking ahead in my life. I began planning and saving and hoping for this better life.

There were definite highs and lows and challenges along the way. I started to see something among the things that I was purchasing throughout the year. This one thing I have found is the point of this writing and my secret for living the life you want. I have even turned it into a saying that I share with my own family and to all who will listen. Besides budgeting monthly, I think this secret is highest on the list of a life changing move that you can begin to make today. Here we go, are you ready for this? “The Poor ask how much a month, and the Rich ask how much?”

This saying blew my mind and has become one of the bedrocks of the way that I live and the way I coach my clients. Activating this into your life creates momentum and cash flow. These two things are powerful when it comes to your own mindset and the reality of how much money you have. I began changing and focusing my life on this truth and I tell you it is a challenge at first and absolutely takes time. One step at a time and year by year you will be moving in a direction and building momentum towards wealth more than ever before.

When you begin, just start with the smallest bill in your yearly budget. Usually, I’d start with a streaming service or something like that. You can pay for these things for the entire year and not monthly! A lot of folks don’t even realize that is an option. It absolutely is an option and I’d recommend checking everything that you use a lot for payment options of longer periods. I saved $400.00 by paying my car insurance all at once. When Disney plus came out, I paid for the dang thing for three years and that came to just over $2.00 a month over that period of time. Folks are pay over $7.00 for Disney plus now. Each move is small but when you are living your life this way, the savings pile higher and higher.

You can do this, one step at a time. Take this and use when contemplating spending decisions in your life. Even for things like purchasing cell phones and the like can add significant amount to your monthly cell phone bill. It is of course to paramount to create a monthly budget a stick to it. It is extremely important to give yourself goals that are attainable and move you towards the life that you want. That is truly the main deal here, in every decision you make just ask yourself. Is this moving me towards the life that I want? That coupled with focused living can change your family legacy like I have changed mine. Join me and start doing this today! “The Poor ask how much a month, and the Rich ask how much? Write it down and I would love to hear from you how it has changed your life.

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