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Financial Coaching Toolbox Three Cornerstones

In recent years, more and more individuals and small business owners are turning to the help of certified financial coaches for tips and recommendations with which they can improve their cash flow or learn about methods customized to their character and personality. With the rising inflation, it is not easy today to maintain your lifestyle with the increasing costs.

How does a certified financial coach know what to offer each customer? How can advice be tailored to an individual or a business with different levels of income and expenses?

When a client turns to the services of a certified financial coach, the coach will have one thing in mind - achieving the client's goal. There can be all kinds of goals or tasks - increasing revenues versus expenses (or, in other words - improving the net), going from a negative net value to a positive one, learning about managing money in a business, and more.

Financial coaching mastery applies the client's data, skills, character, and ability when performing new tasks. Even if several customers have the same goal, each has a different personality and different expenses and income. The financial coach's toolbox is packed with tips and ideas.

Three essential things that are the cornerstones of the work of any financial coach:

  1. Clear goal definition - each goal will have a different process tailored while emphasizing the customer's role in the process. The method of getting out of the red will differ from increasing cash in the business, for example. As in any coaching, the certified financial coach can not perform the actions himself but only provide support and feedback.

  2. Personalized spreadsheet - spreadsheets still have a role even with sophisticated apps like YNAB or EveryDollar. Financial coaches carry different types and formats of spreadsheets and know how to adjust the file or table that will fit each client's situation and process. Only when the numbers and financial data are specified can decisions be made and the situation adequately understood.

  3. Analysis of numbers and data - When the spreadsheet is ready and complete, it is critical to analyze it. When you examine the table and perform simulations with numbers that are different from those that appear - suddenly, the customer himself understands the math and wants to see the same numbers and the same changes in the bank account for the better.

These three steps will be standard in all the financial coaching processes, regardless of the client's standing before the professional financial coach. The tasks that the client will take on are not easy but very challenging. In many cases, the client will discover new things about his behavior, how he makes decisions, his ability to reject gratifications, and more. Hence, the financial coaching process affects not only the money issue of each client or family but also the personality. This ability is the greatness of a certified financial coach.

What are the good results of the financial consulting process?

Every customer who goes through some financial coaching process is about to discover many things beyond the money issue—even if the financial coaching begins with a strong desire to get out of the red or reduce expenses.

Giving up on expenses or buying something does not only mean not taking the wallet out of the bag but much more than that - deciding to postpone gratifications, insight into abundance awareness, thanks for what is there, and a deeply personal examination of whether the purchase is necessary or necessary.

While financial coaching will start with caring for and engaging in money - but can have a profound and positive impact on other areas of life, and a profound change is also coming. Over the financial coaching process, the client has the opportunity to move from debt to generating wealth.

The immense satisfaction of meeting a challenge will not simply leave a real sense of accomplishment, and there will be a complete understanding that everything is achievable. Hence the importance of the financial coaching process in the company of experienced and skilled professional financial coaches. A certified financial coach finds the tips and ideas that suit each one personally and, with close guidance, will help his clients overcome difficulties, overcome challenges and finish the process after significant self-learning. The positive change will continue among the customers of the financial coaching even long after the process achieves its goals.

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