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Find a Financial Coach with Savings Jar

Financial coaching works. Please don't take our word for that. In 2015, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau launched the Financial Coaching Initiative. Two results stand out from the research:

  • Even a one-time meeting with a financial coach is valuable for many clients.

  • Financial coaching increases the clients' financial management skills.

Knowing financial coaching is one of the best tools available to help people set and reach financial goals. Savings Jar's mission is to help individuals and families find the right financial coach. Find the right financial coach has at least a couple of meanings:

  • The right price point -- some financial coaches on the Savings Jar platfrplatformom offer their services for just under $100, while others are several hundred dollars. Savings Jar makes it easier to find the price point that fits your financial capacities.

  • The right goal -- screen to find the financial coach that is an expert on the goals you are working towards.

  • In the right location -- post-covid-19, it's more common to use video conferencing tools for financial coaching. Yet, some clients and financial coaches value meeting in person to start the financial coaching journey.

How to find the right financial coach with Savings Jar?

The easy way to find a financial coach with Savings Jar is to complete the find a financial coach form. Please put your name, email, and any money questions, and Savings Jar will take it from there. We will review the question and find the right financial coach to help you answer the question.

The other option to find a financial coach is to do it yourself. Visit our financial coaching marketplace and screen for the financial coach that fits your needs.

The first screening option is by category. You can find a financial coach that can help you with the following areas:

  • Retirement Readiness

  • Preparing to Buy a Home

  • Paying Off Student Debt

  • Financial Planning and Accountability

  • Becoming Debt-Free

Once you decide on the category, you are seeking help with. The next step is to find the right financial coaching certification. For those familiar with the Dave Ramsey program, Savings Jar has listings by Dave Ramsey Certified financial coach. The Certified Money Coach (CMC)® gained popularity in recent years. For those familiar with the You Need a Budget (YNAB) personal budgeting app there is now a YNAB financial coaching certification. With Savings Jar, you can contact a YNAB-certified coach to guide you on setting and meeting financial goals.

The last screening option is by the meeting location. Some clients prefer to meet in person for the first financial coaching session but are willing to move online for the rest of the financial coaching meetings.

For those looking to find a financial coach near them, Savings Jar app provides a map with all the financial coaches' locations. For example, there are three financial coaches based in Oregon. Cortney Kaveh Financial Coach from Portland, Stephanie Berman Financial Coach from Kennewick, and Sara Hurst Transformational Money & Life Coach from Spokane.

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