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How-to guide: create your Savings Jar listing

With 32 listings, Savings Jar is gaining popularity among financial coaches nationwide. Kacy joined from San Diego, CA, and Adrian joined from the DC area.

We created this guide to simplify the process of joining the growing network of coaches listed on the Savings Jar Market place.

  • Click this link to get to the Savings Jar marketplace.

  • In the top client corner, find the post new listing button. Click it.

  • Select the category of services you provide. Remember, you can repeat this step to create multiple listings.

  • Choose the type of listing, a free consultation, or a financial coaching session.

  • Enter information about your services. We only approve listings by certified financial coaches with a Linkedin account. Keep in mind that Google "sees" your profile; add relevant keywords to a potential client who can find your listing on their search. It is common for coaches to add a Calendly link at this stage.

  • Click the post listing button. The Savings Jar team will review the listing, go over the profile, and provide feedback if needed.

Welcome to Savings Jar and we look forward to help more people meet their money goals.

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