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Should You Blog About Your Money Journey?

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

In our society, talking about money is often considered taboo. You are not supposed to ask how people are doing financially or share your own money habits, as finances tend to be a complex topic. However, overcoming this hangup can significantly improve money habits and help you change your money habits for good. You should talk about money and, what’s more, you should consider blogging about your savings and your money habits. Here is why you should try it.

Blogging makes you accountable

One of the first things we need to shift our money habits for good is being committed to the changes. We need to avoid unnecessary spending, save, be responsible, and make consistent decisions to help us achieve our financial goals. A blog allows us to share those decisions regularly, so we genuinely become accountable. People may be looking out to see when we make good choices, cheer us on, and stand by for updates. Even if your readership is not part of the money support community, this support group has a powerful effect.

Blogging can strengthen your brand and business

A blog can be a way of creating and supporting your personal or professional brand. It can help others see you in a positive light - as responsible, as committed, and so on. Blogging about your saving can be a great way of doing this, as it immediately provides a window into your strengths and can serve to support a better image of who you are and what you can accomplish. Even if you are not focused on money in your career, having a blog about the topic can boost your reputation, as readers will perceive you in a better light.

Blogging can help you find like-minded individuals and receive support

Money support groups and people dealing with similar issues are more likely to find your blog or page if it’s updated regularly. Becoming part of savings support groups can help your own money habits journey. First, it helps to have other people going through similar things, as this makes you feel more committed and more engaged. Plus, it can be a way of receiving precious advice and tips. We do better if we find a community to support us, and a virtual community can be beneficial.

Blogging can be an outlet

Finally, blogging can serve you emotionally. As anyone from debt-free support groups will tell you, the journey to financial stability is not easy. It can require a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Blogging gives you a space to talk about your experiences and freely show what you feel. Having this outlet can make the process easier and give you a better perspective on what you’re going through. Simply putting our thoughts down in writing is a good way of looking at them and analyzing them. Your readers can further help with this by providing a fresh outlook.

Blogging about your money habits and your saving journey has a lot of advantages. If you are getting started, consider bringing readers along on the path.

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