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Optimize Your Savings Jar App Listing

This post will break best practices to create your financial coaching listing on the Savings Jar app. For that, we will analyze Ashley Drake's profile. Ashley's profile has the highest number of appearances on Google.

Here is a breakdown of items that increase Ashley's Savings Jar app profile visibility:

  • Use of keywords -- Ashley uses relevant keywords across her listing, keywords as financial coaching and certified financial coach. She uses the keywords in the bio section and the education section as well.

  • Links -- Ashley connected the profile to other online assets that she owns. A link to Calendly, a professional website, and Dave Ramsey coaches directory.

  • Photos -- the Savings Jar app allows you to add pictures to your financial coaching listing. There is a combination of images, some in a professional setting and others inspirational.

To summarize, here are some takeaways:

  • Use relevant keywords that describe the services you provide.

  • Personal pictures create a level of familiarity for people that visit your profile.

  • The Savings Jar app offers the option to list up to five services (debt-free, buying a home, and more). Open a listing in each area of your expertise. Make sure to use relevant keywords for the listing. For example, a debt-free listing should include the keyword debt-free and relevted terms such as debt-free life, debt-free goals, and debt-free living.

  • Add links to your other online assets. An external link adds validity to your website.

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