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Top 7 Handy Personal Financial Tools

As part of the financial coaching, some clients might ask for a recommendation on financial software and apps for the following reasons:

  • To create a general money plan

  • Learning how to budget money

  • Learning how to manage money

  • help with budgeting

There are many options out there for creating a personal financial plan. We've ranked seven of our favorite tools to save time for those looking to develop a financial plan.

1. Quickbooks

For financial coaches that work with small business owners, there is no need to introduce Quickbooks. Quickbooks is a full-service bookkeeping solution that is great for small businesses, including live bookkeeping, expense management for freelancers, payroll, and general accounting.

2. Moneybox

For clients who want to save money but are unsure where to start on savings and how to manage their money? Moneybox is the best savings app on the market. You'll quickly accumulate savings by rounding up everyday purchases without even realizing it.

3. Mint

Mint is an excellent tool for online budgeting help, helping you take your first steps to financial freedom. It allows you to budget and seamlessly tracks your spending to improve your financial outcomes. This personal finance app is loaded with features, including credit monitoring and analytics.

4. Quicken

Quicken is for personal finance, like Quickbooks for small businesses. The popular software allows you to integrate your finances in one place. It will enable easy budget creation and track of investments.

5. Acorns

struggling with saving money and creating a nest egg for the future? Acorns is one of the best savings apps to help you grow your worth. Acorns invest round-up from purchases in the stock market. Receive portfolios chosen by experts that shift as your account grows. Costs range from $1 to $5 monthly.

6. Tiller

Tiller prides itself on creating your financial life in a simple spreadsheet that is automatically updated daily. This is an excellent tool for busy people seeking help taking steps to financial freedom. It is a quick and efficient way to manage your money with little work.

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