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Top Resources for Financial Coaching Business Success/ Part 1

While personal ability and financial industry research affect your chance of succeeding as a money coach, you need to know where to find the best information. Before you become a trusted and frequently recommended source, learn from these masters and iconic websites that can help you on your journey as a financial coach.

1 – Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education

The AFCPE is the US leader in financial coaching, education, and networking. It offers extensive training and certification for financial fitness, counseling, and more. Membership also includes mentorship, job-seeking resources, and guidance to start your own money coach company.

2 – National Financial Educators Council

This organization also offers public, corporate, and personal finance coaches training and resources. While they work more with communities and organizations, focusing on financial wellness can benefit coaches who specialize in more extensive programs.

3 – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Although you may not think that the United States government provides beneficial information for financial coaches, the consumer finance site contains information about money management, credit, and debt and various research and resources for financial coaches. A 2017 Financial Coaching symposium report may help.

4 – Financial Coach Academy

This commercial site offers training programs and various resources specifically for financial coaches to reach their target consumer base and serve them well. However, you can also find free assistance on their YouTube channel, Facebook group, and other networking opportunities.

5 – Dave Ramsey

Anyone who has an interest in personal finance knows this name. His radio show, podcasts, books, and website give a wide variety of debt relief and money handling advice. Financial coaches can find a lot of common-sense guidance here.

Learning to be a successful financial coach requires more than knowledge about personal finance, debt and credit, investments, and wealth building. You also need a strong understanding of launching and operating a business, growing your brand and reputation, and marketing effectively to reach your target audience. These skills require a similar list of trusted sites and iconic leaders to help on the journey. True success comes when you have your own strong sense of financial well-being and a hunger to seek out the best personal finance information. This is the only way to translate your efforts into success for the people who count on you to provide intelligent and practical guidance for managing their money.

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