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What Is The Best Video Service To Use For Financial Coaching

Covid 19 changed financial coaching. One of the areas where we see a significant change is in the willingness of clients to be coaches vis video conferencing. All the financial coaches on the Savings Jar marketplace provide online financial coaching services. As a financial coach, you must have a professional and reliable video service to connect with your financial coaching clients. Your clients don’t want to use a poor-performing video service where the call drops or has poor quality, making it challenging to get the financial coaching they’re paying for.

When deciding on the best video service to use for your financial coaching practice, some of the most significant factors are cost, integration with other software, reliability, and broad compatibility so you can meet all of your coaching clients.

So, what is the best video service to use for financial coaching? Is it Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Meet?

Financial Coaching Video Service Comparison
Zoom Features For Financial Coaching

Zoom is a dedicated video conferencing service that has gained widespread popularity and use with personal and business users. As a result, many people already have Zoom accounts or have at least used and are familiar with the service.

The price and simplicity of Zoom are two of the reasons that people have flocked to it in the past two years. It can be used through native apps on devices or simply through a web browser on any Internet-connected device.

You can host unlimited one-on-one screen-sharing video conferences even on the free plan, create large group video conferences, and change your background without a green screen.

Zoom integrations with a wide variety of systems, including many of the most popular financial coaching CRMs.

Prices for Zoom start at $15, but if you’re only conducting one-on-one financial coaching, then the free plan is sufficient for all of your needs with no restrictions.

MS Teams Features For Financial Coaching

Microsoft Teams is part of the overall Microsoft 365 service, so it combines all of the features available, including chat, Office apps, eMail, and a video conferencing service. It’s more common amongst business users, so that it may be unfamiliar to financial coaching clients.

MS Teams offers enhanced functionality which may be more than you need for financial coaching video calls. It provides a free and paid plan; with the free plan, you get access to most services, including one-on-one video conferencing with no limits.

Microsoft Teams has many integrations with major financial coaching CRMs; if yours is not on the list, it may prove difficult to integrate the system yourself.

You do have native apps you can use on most devices, and if you don’t have a supported device, then a standard web browser will get you connected to the video chat.

Prices for MS Teams start at $5. However with the free plan that offers unlimited one-on-one video conferencing then, you may not need to pay anything.

Google Meet Features For Financial Coaching

Google Meet is a dedicated video conferencing service that is part of the broader Google applications, so it has tight integration and similarities to Gmail and the other apps.

Many people are already familiar with and have Google accounts, making it a good option for broad use as a financial coaching video service. Google products can integrate with various financial coaching CRMs, but like MS Teams, it may prove difficult to integrate any custom CRMs.

As with almost all Google products, you can get Google Meet for free, allowing video conferencing of up to 100 participants. Paid plans offer much high participant counts, along with large streaming events and even cloud storage of your video conferences for later viewing.

Google Meet is available on almost all devices, either as a native app or a web-based video conference. Prices start at $8, or you can use the free service; the only downside is that participants must have a google account to access the video conferencing.

Which Is The Best Financial Coaching Video Service?

As a financial coach, your best video service option will depend on you and your financial coaching client’s preferences. It will also depend on whether you are only doing check-ins with your clients or going through documents and work plans that require collaboration between you and your client. It can also depend on if you perform one-on-one financial coaching or whether you have group events or even large conferences to discuss with hundreds or thousands of people.

MS Teams Is Best For

Microsoft Teams offers many features and integration with the Microsoft 365 suite of products and is one of the best team or group collaboration tools available. MS Teams is best for people already familiar with Microsoft products and require a lot of collaboration on documents and even work within a team, rather than individual one-on-one financial coaching sessions.

You can work on spreadsheets together, create documents, and even text chat while the conference is running, which is effective for questions and answers if you have a helper and run group financial coaching sessions. If you aren’t already familiar with Microsoft products and your clients aren’t either, and you don’t need to review documents or collaborate, MS Teams would not be a good option.

Google Meet Is Best For

Meet offers tight integrations with other Google products and is a highly effective tool for video conferencing and collaborating with others. Google Meet is best for people that already have a Google account as it’s not accessible without one, and you require collaboration with your financial coaching clients through the Google suite of products.

You can view, share, and create documents together that can also be shared away from the video conference, and your video sessions can also be saved and shared on Google drive, which is free up to a point. If you don’t need collaboration and you and your clients don’t already use Google products, Google Meet would not be a good option.

Zoom Is Best For

Zoom offers dedicated, easy-to-use video conferencing without any complexity or accounts required to use the service. It’s a well-known product that most people have already used recently and are familiar with how it works. Zoom is best for anybody who wants a simple and effective video service for financial coaching that doesn’t need any specific collaboration with clients but still wants to share documents.

The free option of Zoom gives you unlimited one-on-one coaching with no limitations, so it’s probably the best general-purpose video service for your financial coaching clients. The only downside to Zoom is that you will need to integrate with some other collaboration software if you’re looking for group conferencing and collaboration.


You know a company is different when its name becomes a verb. Our preferred video call service for financial coaching is Zoom. Zoom is a superior video conferencing product. Besides the high-quality video, Zoom also offers integrations to other popular software used by financial coaches, such as Hubspot.

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