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Lindsey Ciarrocca

YNAB Certified Budgeting Coach & Certified Money Coach (CMC)® - Helping People Create a Positive Relationship with their Money

As a YNAB Certified Budget Coach and a Certified Money Coach®, I work with you as a guide and accountability partner to become more confident, aware, and in control of your money. I believe money should be a tool to help you live your best life – not a burden that is always dragging you down. It’s about creating a better relationship with your money.

Money is very complex. There are many layers that need addressed, which is why my coaching incorporates more than just how to create a budget. (Don’t get me wrong though – I do love a good budget session!) We address four sides of money: behavioral, emotional, practical and your money mindset. Through deep work and inner reflection, I help you define Your Greatest Life, uncover what's holding you back from that life, and create a map to get you there.

You weren't born with all of the knowledge around money and you don't have to go on this journey alone. I support my clients every step of the way, until they feel confident and empowered to be able to face the money challenges that come their way! Email me at to schedule a complementary consultation, or find out more at A brighter financial future is possible!

Lindsey Ciarrocca
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